How to use Weekday function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the Weekday function is used to get a numeric value representing the day of the week for a provided date. The value returned by the function follows the VBA vbDayOfWeek enumeration, where by default Sunday is 1, Monday is 2, and so on through Saturday, which is 7. However, you can specify a different starting day for the week by using the second optional argument.

Basic syntax


Weekday(Date, [FirstDayOfWeek])

  • Date: The date for which you want to find the day of the week.
  • FirstDayOfWeek (optional): A constant that specifies the first day of the week. If this parameter is omitted, vbSunday is assumed.

Here are the constants you can use for FirstDayOfWeek:

  • vbUseSystemDayOfWeek (0): Use the National Language Support (NLS) API setting.
  • vbSunday (1): Sunday (default)
  • vbMonday (2): Monday
  • vbTuesday (3): Tuesday
  • vbWednesday (4): Wednesday
  • vbThursday (5): Thursday
  • vbFriday (6): Friday
  • vbSaturday (7): Saturday



Sub ExampleWeekday()
    Dim dt As Date
    Dim dayOfWeek As Integer
    Dim firstDay As Integer
    ' Define a date value
    dt = DateSerial(2023, 4, 1) ' April 1st, 2023
    ' Get the day of the week using default first day (Sunday)
    dayOfWeek = Weekday(dt)
    ' Print the result in Immediate Window (press Ctrl+G to view the Immediate Window)
    Debug.Print "Day of the week (default): " & dayOfWeek
    ' Now, let's assume the first day of the week is Monday
    firstDay = vbMonday
    ' Get the day of the week with Monday as the first day of the week
    dayOfWeek = Weekday(dt, firstDay)
    ' Print the result
    Debug.Print "Day of the week (Monday as first day): " & dayOfWeek
End Sub

In this example, the Weekday function is used twice: once with the default FirstDayOfWeek, and once with vbMonday to indicate that the week starts on Monday. The results are then printed to the Immediate Window. The date provided is April 1st, 2023. Adjust the DateSerial function arguments to test different dates.

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