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How to use WHILE statement in VBA?

The “While” statement in VBA is used to create loops that run while a specific condition is true. This means that the block of code inside the loop will execute repeatedly as long as the condition is true. Here’s how to use the “While” statement in VBA:

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How to protect an Excel sheet?

Protecting an Excel sheet allows you to secure the contents of the sheet and control access to it. By protecting a sheet, you can prevent users from making unwanted changes,[…]

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How to Speed Up Macros?

When working with macros in VBA, optimizing their speed and efficiency becomes crucial, especially when dealing with large datasets or complex operations. A faster macro execution not only saves valuable[…]

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How to stop screen flickering while running macros in Excel?

In Excel VBA, the Application.ScreenUpdating property is used to control whether or not screen updating occurs during macro execution. By setting Application.ScreenUpdating to False, you can prevent the screen from[…]

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