How to use #If…Then…#Else directive in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the #If…Then…#Else directive is used for conditional compilation. This means that it allows you to compile certain parts of the code based on specific conditions. This is particularly useful for creating code that is only compiled and run in certain environments, like debugging code that you don’t want to include in a production release.

Here’s a basic structure of how you might use it:

#If condition Then
    ' Code to compile and run if condition is True
    ' Code to compile and run if condition is False
#End If

In this structure, condition is a compile-time condition that you want to test. If the condition is True, the code between #If and #Else is compiled and executed. If the condition is False, the code between #Else and #End If is compiled and executed.

Here’s an example to illustrate its use

    Debug.Print "Debug mode is on."
    Debug.Print "Debug mode is off."
#End If

In this example, if DEBUG_MODE is defined and set to True (usually done at the top of the module or in a project’s properties), the message “Debug mode is on.” will be printed. Otherwise, “Debug mode is off.” will be printed.

Points to Remember

  • Compile-Time Directives: #If…Then…#Else directives are evaluated at compile time, not at run time. This means the decision of which block of code to compile is made when the program is compiled, not when it’s running.
  • Defining Conditions: Conditions for these directives are usually defined at the top of the module or in the project’s properties. You can define them using #Const directive like #Const DEBUG_MODE = True.
  • Use Cases: This feature is commonly used for creating debug builds, where additional debugging code is compiled only in the debug version of the application, or for handling differences in environments (like different versions of Excel).
  • Nested Directives: You can nest #If…Then…#Else directives for more complex conditional compilations.

This directive provides a powerful tool for managing different compilation environments, especially for debugging and testing different configurations of your code.

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