How to use UCase function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the UCase function converts a specified string to uppercase.

Basic syntax



Where String is the string expression you want to convert to uppercase.



Sub ConvertToUppercase()
    Dim originalText As String
    Dim uppercaseText As String

    originalText = "Hello, World!" ' Input string
    uppercaseText = UCase(originalText) ' Convert to upper case

    MsgBox uppercaseText ' Display the result in a message box
End Sub

The UCase function is useful when you want to perform case-insensitive string comparisons or ensure that text is formatted consistently in uppercase. Remember that UCase will not modify any non-letter characters, so numbers, punctuation, and spaces will be unaffected.

Note that VBA also has the opposite function called LCase which converts text to lowercase.

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