How to use LCase function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the LCase function is used to convert an input string to all lowercase letters. The syntax for the LCase function is simple:



Where string is the text you want to convert to lowercase.



Sub ConvertToLowercase()
    Dim originalText As String
    Dim lowercaseText As String
    ' The string to be converted
    originalText = "Hello, World!"
    ' Convert the string to lowercase
    lowercaseText = LCase(originalText)
    ' Display the result in a message box
    MsgBox lowercaseText
End Sub

In this example, when you run the ConvertToLowercase subroutine, a message box will pop up displaying “hello, world!”.

You can also directly use LCase in other parts of your VBA code, such as in assignments, conditions, loops, or combined with other VBA functions and statements.

Remember that VBA is generally case-insensitive when it comes to keywords and function names, so LCASE is equivalent to LCase. However, the data being processed, like string text, may be case-sensitive, and that’s when the LCase function proves useful.

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