How to use String function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the String function is used to create a string that consists of repeated characters. The syntax for the String function is as follows:

Basic syntax


String(Number, Character)

  • Number is the number of times the Character will be repeated.
  • Character can be a numeric code representing the character (using the ASCII code) or the character itself in quotes.

String function


Sub UseStringFunction()
    Dim repeatedStr As String
    ' Repeat the letter "A" 10 times.
    repeatedStr = String(10, "A")
    MsgBox repeatedStr   ' Output will be: AAAAAAAAAA
    ' Repeat the character with ASCII code 42 (*) 5 times.
    repeatedStr = String(5, 42)
    MsgBox repeatedStr   ' Output will be: <strong></strong>*
End Sub

The String function is particularly useful when you need to create padding for formatting purposes, such as creating fixed-width strings, or when you want to initialize a string variable with a specific character repeated several times.

String function with variables:


Sub UseStringFunctionWithVariables()
    Dim characterToRepeat As String
    Dim numberOfRepetitions As Integer
    Dim resultString As String
    characterToRepeat = "%"    ' Character to repeat
    numberOfRepetitions = 20   ' Number of times to repeat
    ' Create string using the String function
    resultString = String(numberOfRepetitions, characterToRepeat)
    ' Display the result
    MsgBox "The result string is: " & resultString
End Sub

Replace % with the character you wish to repeat, and 20 with the desired number of repetitions to customize the example.

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