How to use Space function in VBA?

The Space function in VBA is used to generate a string containing a specified number of space characters. This can be useful for formatting output, aligning text, or creating padding in your VBA applications. Here’s the basic syntax for the Space function:

Where numberOfSpaces is a numeric expression specifying the number of space characters you want in the string. Here’s an example of how to use the Space function in VBA:

Sub UseSpaceFunction()
    Dim numberOfSpaces As Integer
    Dim spaceString As String
    ' Define the number of spaces you want
    numberOfSpaces = 10
    ' Create a string of spaces using the Space function
    spaceString = Space(numberOfSpaces)
    ' Now you can use the string of spaces however you need
    Debug.Print "Here are" & spaceString & "10 spaces!"
End Sub
When you run this code, the output in the Immediate Window (which you can view by pressing Ctrl+G in the VBA editor) will look like this: Here are 10 spaces! The Space function simply fills in the designated number of space characters between the text in the Debug.Print line.

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