How to use SaveSetting statement in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the SaveSetting statement is used to store or save a value in the Windows Registry under a specified application name. This can be particularly useful for storing user preferences or other settings that you want to persist between sessions of your application.

Here’s how to use the SaveSetting statement:

Basic Syntax

SaveSetting appname, section, key, setting
  • appname: The name of your application. It’s used as a primary key in the Windows Registry.
  • section: The section within your application to store the settings. Think of it as a subcategory under your application.
  • key: The individual setting name. This is the specific name of the setting you want to store.
  • setting: The value to be stored. This is the actual data you want to save under the specified key.

Example Usage

SaveSetting "MyVBAApp", "DisplaySettings", "BackgroundColor", "Blue"

This example stores the value “Blue” under the key “BackgroundColor” within the “DisplaySettings” section of an application named “MyVBAApp”.

Retrieving Settings

To retrieve settings that you’ve saved, you use the GetSetting function. For example:

Dim bgColor As String
bgColor = GetSetting("MyVBAApp", "DisplaySettings", "BackgroundColor", "White")

Here, “White” is the default value returned if the setting is not found.

Deleting Settings

To delete a setting, you use the DeleteSetting statement. For example:

DeleteSetting "MyVBAApp", "DisplaySettings", "BackgroundColor"

This deletes the “BackgroundColor” key from the “DisplaySettings” section of “MyVBAApp”.


  • The SaveSetting statement only works on Windows.
  • It stores settings in the Windows Registry, specifically in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings branch.
  • Be cautious with the registry. Incorrect use can cause problems for your system.
  • This method is not suitable for storing large amounts of data. It’s designed for simple settings like preferences, options, or flags.

Use in Excel, Access, or Other VBA Host Applications

The SaveSetting statement can be used in any VBA host application like Excel, Access, or Word. It is particularly useful for customizing user experiences or remembering user choices between sessions.

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