How to use Right function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the Right function is used to extract a specified number of characters from the right end of a string. This can be very useful when you need to retrieve a substring from a text string based on the number of characters from the end.

Basic syntax


Right(string, length)

  • string: This is the string from which you want to extract the characters.
  • length: This is the number of characters you want to extract from the right side of the string.



Sub UseRightFunction()
    Dim FullString As String
    Dim ResultString As String
    ' Assign a value to FullString
    FullString = "Hello, World!"
    ' Extract the last 5 characters from FullString
    ResultString = Right(FullString, 5)
    ' Display the result in a message box
    MsgBox ResultString
End Sub

When you run this code, it will display a message box with the text orld!, which are the last 5 characters of the string “Hello, World!”.

It is important to remember that if you provide a length greater than the length of the string, the Right function will simply return the entire string. If you specify a length of zero or less, the Right function will return an empty string.

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