How to use Initialize event in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the Initialize event is used in UserForms to run code as soon as the form is created but before it’s shown to the user. This event is often employed to set default values, configure control properties, or perform setup tasks necessary for the form’s operation.

Here’s a simple step-by-step approach to using the Initialize event in a UserForm:

  • Open the VBA Editor: Press ALT + F11 in Excel to open up the VBA editor.
  • Insert a UserForm: If you haven’t already created one, you can insert a new UserForm by right-clicking on any of the VBAProject items in the Project Explorer, selecting Insert, and then clicking on UserForm.
  • Open the Code Window for the UserForm: Double-click on the UserForm you want to add the Initialize event to. This should bring up the code window where you can add VBA code specific to this UserForm.
  • Select the UserForm Object: At the top of the code window, there are two dropdowns. In the left dropdown, the UserForm object should already be selected. If it’s not, select it.
  • Choose the Initialize Event: In the right dropdown, select the Initialize event. VBA will automatically generate the private sub-procedure for the UserForm_Initialize() event.
  • Add Your Initialize Code: Inside the procedure, add the code you want to execute when the form is initialized.



Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    ' Set default values when the UserForm is initialized
    Me.TextBox1.Value = "Enter your name here"
    Me.ComboBox1.AddItem "Option 1"
    Me.ComboBox1.AddItem "Option 2"
    Me.OptionButton1.Value = True
End Sub

In this example, when the UserForm is initialized, the TextBox1 default value is set, two items are added to ComboBox1, and the OptionButton1 is set to be selected by default.

Show Your UserForm: To show the UserForm in your VBA code, you’ll want to call the Show method elsewhere in your code, usually from a module or another part of your project, like this:


Sub ShowMyUserForm()
End Sub

The code in the UserForm_Initialize procedure will run before the form actually becomes visible to the user.

Remember that the Initialize event only occurs once when the UserForm is created. If you hide the UserForm and then show it again, the Initialize event does not run a second time. If you perform actions that you want to redo every time the form is shown, use the Activate event instead. To reset the form each time it’s shown, you might need to explicitly unload it with the Unload statement and then call the Show method again, which will recreate the UserForm instance and trigger the Initialize event again.

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