How to use IMEStatus function in VBA?

In Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the IMEStatus is a property related to the Application object that speaks to the status of the Input Method Editor (IME) for East Asian languages. It allows you to get or set the operational mode of the IME.

However, as of my last update in 2023, IMEStatus is not a built-in function or property of the standard VBA language. It might be a part of an external library or an application-specific property such as in Microsoft Access. Please make sure that you’re referencing the correct environment or application documentation where IMEStatus is defined.

In Microsoft Access, for instance:



While you wouldn’t typically use the IMEStatus function on its own in a VBA procedure, you might use it to set or get the IME mode within the context of a text control that accepts user input. For example, you might use it in Microsoft Access to control the mode of the IME when focusing on a particular text box that accepts East Asian characters.

Here’s an example of how you might set the status of the IME in Microsoft Access VBA:


Private Sub txtInput_GotFocus()
    ' Set the IME mode to On when the text box receives focus
    Me.txtInput.IMEStatus = acIMESentenceModeOn
End Sub

Private Sub txtInput_LostFocus()
    ' Set the IME mode to Off when the text box loses focus
    Me.txtInput.IMEStatus = acIMESentenceModeOff
End Sub

In this example, txtInput is the name of the text box control on your Access form, and acIMESentenceModeOn and acIMESentenceModeOff are constants that indicate the IME mode.

Caution: Since the IMEStatus property is not a built-in standard VBA function, this code won’t work in a VBA environment outside of the context in which IMEStatus is defined (like Access, as mentioned).

It is always good to check the documentation specific to the application you’re working with (like Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, etc.) to understand how to properly use application-specific properties like IMEStatus.

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