How to use WeekdayName function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the WeekdayName function is used to retrieve the name of the day of the week corresponding to a specific weekday number. The WeekdayName function syntax is as follows:

Basic syntax


WeekdayName(weekday, [abbreviate], [firstdayofweek])

  • weekday is a required parameter that is the day of the week number (1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, …, 7 for Saturday).
  • abbreviate is an optional Boolean value that indicates if the weekday name should be abbreviated (True) or not (False). If omitted, the default is the full weekday name.
  • firstdayofweek is an optional parameter that specifies the first day of the week. You can use the VBA constants (e.g., vbSunday, vbMonday, etc.) to set this. If this parameter is omitted, vbSunday (1) is assumed.



Sub ExampleWeekdayName()
    Dim weekdayNum As Integer
    Dim myWeekdayName As String

    ' Assign a number to represent a day of the week (1 = Sunday, 2 = Monday, etc.)
    weekdayNum = 3 ' This represents Tuesday

    ' Get the full name of the weekday (unabbreviated)
    myWeekdayName = WeekdayName(weekdayNum)
    Debug.Print "The full name of day " & weekdayNum & " is " & myWeekdayName

    ' Get the abbreviated name of the weekday
    myWeekdayName = WeekdayName(weekdayNum, True)
    Debug.Print "The abbreviated name of day " & weekdayNum & " is " & myWeekdayName

    ' Get the name of the weekday, considering Monday as the first day of the week
    myWeekdayName = WeekdayName(weekdayNum, False, vbMonday)
    Debug.Print "Considering Monday as the first day of the week, day " & weekdayNum & " is " & myWeekdayName
End Sub

When you run this subroutine (Sub), it will print to the immediate window the full weekday name corresponding to the weekday number 3, the abbreviated weekday name, and the name taking into account that the first day of the week is Monday.

If you want to use the WeekdayName function within another subroutine or function, simply call it with the appropriate parameters and use the result as needed within your code.

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