How to use Hour function in VBA?

In VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), the Hour function is used to extract the hour part from a given time. The function returns an integer value between 0 and 23, representing the hour of the day.



Sub GetHourExample()
    Dim exampleTime As Date
    Dim extractedHour As Integer
    ' Example time
    exampleTime = "15:30:25" ' This is 3:30:25 PM.
    ' Use the Hour function to get the hour part of the time
    extractedHour = Hour(exampleTime)
    ' Display the result in a message box
    MsgBox "The hour part of the time is: " & extractedHour
End Sub

In this example, the subroutine GetHourExample defines a time which is stored in the exampleTime variable. The Hour function is then used to extract the hour part of this time, and the result is stored in the extractedHour variable. A message box is then used to display the result.

You can also use the Hour function within a function to return the hour part of a time variable that could be passed as an argument:

Example as a Fuction


Function GetHourOfTime(timeVal As Date) As Integer
    GetHourOfTime = Hour(timeVal)
End Function

This GetHourOfTime function takes a time value as an argument and returns the hour part component. You could use this function in your VBA code or even as a worksheet function if you make it a public function in a module.

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