Practical & Productive Ways I Used to Create A Side Hustle and Succeed In It

I was completely unaware of the online creative realm a few months ago. 9–5 was the only time I was meant to work.

It’s depressing to look back and realize how stupid I was. I am good at my 9–5 work, but it does not exclude me from investigating other options.

Then I read a couple of posts that made blogging seem beautiful and profitable. I couldn’t help but give it a shot. This was my entry point into the universe of the creators.

Blogging introduced me to a plethora of different opportunities that may provide me with additional revenue. To explore these opportunities, I needed to sharpen my concentration and learn to prioritize the most vital activities.

Learning shits everyday

Well, I’m a programmer by profession, primarily a web developer. And it consists of a lot of frameworks, libraries, languages to learn.

Previously, I attempted to study a lot, but it was all for naught. I’m finding it difficult to focus on any of them.

I quickly understood that this is not how I want to live my life.

I was depressed all the time at that time. Yes, I enjoy web programming, but I want to create something first and then learn everything that goes with it.
Similarly, if you are attempting to make anything. Try to master the fundamentals before moving on to implementation.

It will save you a significant amount of time.

How I improved my focus

My most productive times are in the morning and at night. So I undertake the most difficult tasks at that time. Aside from that, I prefer to do things that don’t need me to use my head.

After my yoga session, I go to work and spend the majority of my quality-focused time.

To focus more on my job, I keep my phone out of sight, close all unnecessary tabs, and sit in a quiet spot.

I forced myself to drink or eat something every 30 minutes.
As a result, I can accomplish more work in the morning, and afterward, I read books, blogs, spend time with my family, or watch movies.

At night, I follow the same procedure of the morning.

Creating more streams of income

Apart from being a programmer, I try to create some side hustles. Well, I think the best use of money is to create a side hustle or business.

Stock Market

Besides programming, I love to trade in the stock market. I don’t try to do it often, once in a week or twice.

And most often, I try to invest in some big companies to avoid losses. I usually do some fundamental analysis and that’s it.


Like most of you, I have heard the buzz of Bitcoin and didn’t have any money in 2016. But now, I have so I have invested some into it.

And you will never believe that within a year it increased 2x.

Medium and Vocal

It is just a hobby for me, to write what I have learned and that’s it. I don’t promote it, don’t even try to earn from affiliate links.


I don’t have the curiosity to start it right now. Might be later.

I know I am trying a little bit 

Yes, these are a lot of goals to achieve in a year. But I’d rather set a high goal and exceed it than set a modest goal and be disappointed.

I will do my best to achieve all of the above-mentioned objectives; even if I just make it halfway, it would be fantastic.

By the end of the year, I want my side hustles to be earning at least half of what my day job pays.

Pursuing Side hustles changed me as a person

I am a slacker. Getting paid to write on Medium altered my ambitions, viewpoint, and character.

Medium was my first foray into the world of online businesses, and I’m delighted it did. I could create a new source of money with little effort. This has shifted my outlook on side hustles, and I am motivated to do more.

I’m attempting to get more done in a day. I am more productive at my 9–5 work, can handle a couple of side hustles, and spend adequate time with my family.

Final words

I learned to regulate my attention and concentrate on the most important activities. This has increased my productivity and efficiency.

I’m not there yet; I have a long way to go. But I’m determined to succeed at both my side hustles and my 9–5 job.

We strive to control time, but my tests and experience show that we also need to manage our attention.

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