If You Are an Entrepreneur, You Don’t Need A Developer to Create Your Website

Yes, you can create it with yourself

Today, I want to help every one of you. It doesn’t matter about your profession it may be anything the main factor that matters is your online presence. 

Fairly, when you start a startup, a company, or anything, be it online or offline, you spend a lot of your money and time then also you never know it will fail or succeed.

Based on several surveys, one of the main reason startup fails is lack of money.

Yes, even I can’t predict your business but I can help you to minimize your cost a little bit.

Let’s start from scratch.

Being a Web developer for the past 3 years helped me to analyze several websites, I have even worked with some startups and I was really shocked that they have to pay a lot to create their website.

Yes, startups have to manage their times a lot but don’t forget that they have to even manage their money also. If they can’t then their startup will remain in debt or fail.

I agree that you have to create your online presence and one of the simplest ways is to create your own business website. But you don’t have to pay several dollars for a website that can be created for free.

You Don’t Need To Be a Developer

I know your brain wants to throw some questions at me like I am not a developer, I don’t know how to create a website, I don’t know how to manage it.

And my answer is for all of these is creating a website is damn easy and you can learn within 10 minutes or in a single hour.  

But how simply by using WordPress.org

You can get tons of YouTube videos like this. 

Buy Domain and Hosting

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Well, if you want to earn money, you have to learn, work, and grow. 

Right? Definitely.

You have learned to create a website using WordPress.org, now you have your own website.

You will get everything for free with WordPress.org like tons of website templates, CMS(to manage your content or anything), and even more.

What you need are Hosting and Domain.

It is that simple.

Hosting is simply a service to store your files and make them accessible for every visitor out there worldwide.

And the domain name is the unique name of your website. 

For that, you can use Hostinger, one of my favorite web hosting platforms. When you buy hosting, Hostinger provides you with a free domain of your choice.

Be sure to select a domain with a .com extension.

What Next?

Nothing, just enjoy, you have saved a lot of money and also you have learned a new skill for free.

That’s it — thanks.

Disclaimer: It contains an affiliate link that will help me to earn some commission.

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