How to Quickly Become a Web Developer Usually Within A Month

Well, working for 3 years consistently as a web developer helped me to learn a lot about it.

The ups and downs, working with startups, as a freelancer, and with different developers.

And here, I will be discussing this in brief.

It Solely Depends on You

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Without wasting your crucial time, I will directly jump to the point and then discuss a short getting started guide.

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos and read hundreds of blogs related to this. Some of them recommended highly-paid courses (I think they are getting affiliate income out of it) while others shared the best way. And claimed to get well-paying jobs in a month.

Well, it can be possible but a little bit difficult. Literally, it is possible.

To be frank, you have to devote your precious 4–6 hours a day, have to learn new technology, practice it, and make some projects.

And within a month, you can be a developer. 

There are some factors that you have to deal with like, if you are well versed with some programming languages like Java or C, you will learn it easily within a month. 

It depends on the skills that you want to learn like Front-end Web Development, Back-end Development, Full Stack Web Development, etc.

It also depends on your interest. 

Suppose you have selected Back-end development previously. Soon, you realized that it is not a good fit for you. Later, you tried Front-end Web Development and made it your daily routine.

You get the point, right? It solely depends on you.

Getting Started

First and foremost, always try to get a good course. It doesn’t matter, it can be free or paid, you just have to.

If you have money jump to Udemy, if not then visit freeCodeCamp. Also, don’t forget to watch YouTube videos from some great web developers like Brad Traversy, JavaScript Mastery, and many more.

Web development is a life-long learning skill. So, don’t expect to become an expert within a month.

For instance, you have learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and then React within a month (with 2–3 projects). You can easily get freelance work or a job using Upwork or LinkedIn.

Tons of Resources to Get Started 

There are tons of free resources from where you can start web development. If you just visit my profile page, you will get several free resources, tutorials.

Let me talk about my initial journey.

In the initial stage, I took a web development course from Udemy and then shifted to creating multiple projects with the help of YouTube. Well, that was my biggest regret to fall into the YouTube videos trap.

Instead, try to learn to create 2–3 projects from YouTube and then try to get a job or create your own company.

Don’t Stop Learning

What do we do most of the time? Take a skill, learn it and then proceed to another skill.

Please don’t do that. Become an expert in a single skill and then if you have time, start learning a new skill.

Let me recall my past.

After working in a startup, I tried to learn Stock Market, Cryptocurrency. Wow, I was learning a new skill but soon after, I used to stuck in writing codes.

Yeah, I know, it is a silly mistake but most of us do that.


So far we’ve discussed that you can become a web developer within a month and even provided a short getting started guide.

That’s it-thanks.

If you have any doubt, let me know in the comment section. 

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