How to Buy Your First Bitcoin and Earn Passive Income through it

We all want financial freedom and the easiest option is to start investing.

So today I will help you to invest your money into Bitcoin, and earn passive income through it.

I know that most of us don’t believe in Cryptocurrency. And I am in no way want to change your mind and influence you to trust cryptocurrencies. But if the government or top companies permit then you will completely lose to take the profit out of it.

I am not saying to sell your house, invest all your money into Bitcoin. Well, I haven’t.

But you may choose to invest 5-10% of your monthly earnings into it.

Before digging deeper into it, I have to admit that I am not a financial advisor and it is not financial advice, even I don’t want to sell you any useless stuff that can help me to earn.

Also please only invest the amount that you are comfortable with. So that’s why I have said to invest 5-10% of your monthly earning into it because investing in cryptocurrencies is a controversial topic, many people have claimed Bitcoin is a scam but then also it is exploding to the next level.

But now we all know that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will probably be going to be most valuable in the future.

Fair enough.

1. Selecting Best Online Platform:

For me, selecting the best online platform depends upon several criteria like safety, ease of use, and lastly popularity of the platform.

First of all, I don’t want to invest my hard-earned money into a platform where there is no safety and it can be hacked.

I don’t want to spend all of my days just investing in cryptocurrencies also I don’t want a complicated interface.

Lastly, the platform should be popular enough with minimum fees.

After investing for more than 5 years with 8 different platforms, I can fairly say that Binance is the one that you have to choose.

Note: I am not advertising also the Binance team hasn’t paid me a single dollar for these. So you can trust me a little bit.

Binance is one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges with a minimal fee on transactions.

To sign up, you need a mobile number and have to complete your KYC. To make it safer, download the Binance app from the play store or app store. Also complete your kyc without fail.

2. Add Money to Your Binance Account

So you have downloaded the Binance app. Now, when you sign in, you can see a profile icon(in the top left corner).

Here you can see Binance Lite switch. When you switch to Binance Lite, the interface is a bit easy for beginners.

Scroll down and you can see Payment methods, in that you can see several options. You can add any options according to your wish and that’s it.

Buying a Bitcoin is damn easy.

Go to the homepage then click on the markets tab present at the bottom.

From here, you can buy Bitcoin.

3. Earn Passive Income

So now, you have purchased a Bitcoin and want to earn passive income through it. Well, it is damn easy and the best method for that is staking.

Staking is a simple process that helps in the working of blockchain and helps to earn rewards. There are several ways to stake your Bitcoin.

But the simplest way is through Flexible staking.

Go to the Binance homepage and scroll down, you can see a card with the name Binance Earn. Simply click on it.

Now you can see that it actually provides you a guaranteed return of 0.5% on Bitcoin just by holding it. Since it is flexible so you can use it at any time.

There are several other ways as well like when you hold it on BlockFi, it will give you close to 5% annual return just by holding it.

There are several other ways as well but are a bit risky so try to learn more about it and then try to use it.

That’s it– thanks.

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