How Much You Should Invest In Cryptocurrency Per Month

The way we see money is changed. 

Before the 21st century, everyone has to work hard to earn a lot. But today just invest in Bitcoin and become a millionaire.

I know it is not that much easy but earning money is damn easy. YouTubers, Solopreneurs, Writers are earning more than $10,000 per month easily without working 9 to 5.

Let’s be fair, we are not working forever but want money to live freely during retirement.

The single option for this is investing.

But the question arises that how much we should invest in cryptocurrency. 

Well, it is simple enough but there are several factors that you have to know.

First of all, I am writing about common people who earn monthly and saves money out of it.

Well, there are some exceptions like if you have a lot of money so you can invest at least 20% of your earning into it.

Most of you will not have a lot of money so read further.

Ask Yourself, Do You Have Savings

Do you have savings? If yes then it is good enough, If not then start earning money. 

I have to be honest that it is not a quick money-making scheme so please don’t invest if you don’t have savings or a constant earning.

Because most of my friends invested in cryptos without any savings and lost their money.

So be able to earn and then only invest your money into it.

Invest 5–10% of Your Earnings

No one can predict the exact amount to invest in cryptos since our earnings are different.

It depends on several other factors as well like some of you may have responsibilities like Home loans, Educational loans, etc,

Based on the above factors you can invest 5–10% of your earnings into it.

Don’t ever invest more than 10% of your earning into cryptos at the beginning.

Don’t Be Panic

When I was new to the crypto world, I was a little bit tensed when the prices suddenly drop after investing in it.

Even some of my friends invested in crypto but soon started to sell when the price went down due to the panic.

Also, don’t be joyful enough when you are earning a lot out of it.

How to Invest

I have written a complete guide related to this.

Let me explain here as well.

I have said it earlier to invest in a small proportion.

Suppose you earn a decent amount per month and can spend 5–10% of your earnings on anything. So invest only that much amount into cryptocurrency.

Since we are investing so at least invest for 5–10 years. I mean to say to constantly buy cryptos every month for 5 years.

And that’s it. You don’t have to do anything else.

When to Sell Your Cryptos

So you have constantly invested for 5 years in crypto. And now your portfolio looks amazing.

Now, what?

Simply sell, no, I am kidding.

You don’t have to. If you can then start investing for another 5 years and if not then still don’t sell it.

It will consistently help you to build your wealth.

But Nitin, when do we have to sell it? And the answer is when you need your money else don’t sell it.

Let’s Wrap Up

Today, the internet is full of scams and most of the influencers try to fool us related to crypto.

Instead of that, I want to provide you with all the best knowledge possible.

Now more and more people are switching to cryptocurrencies so there is a need for such type of story to help you.

What do you think about it?

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