Feel the Love for Writing And Then Make It a Side Hustle — A Complete Guide

You will be stumbled with the energy that will motivate you.

Hello everyone, it doesn’t matter if you follow me or not, love me or hate me. 

But this post is for everyone. And you will never regret it after spending your valuable time with this post. 

Let start with the easiest way to start your writing journey.

How to Start Your Journey

I am not an avid reader or writer. 

Even I don’t challenge myself to read every day or write every day, I don’t focus to grow more, I don’t advertise on Google, Facebook, I don’t research a lot about SEO and all that blogging stuff, etc.

Well, I focus on my work and at the end of the day or two or after a week I write what I have learned.

In short, I write what I know, what I have practiced, what I can teach to others.

And that’s it.

So you get the point, right?

What I mean to say is simple. 

Every one of us works in a different field, has a different perspective, has a knowledge of something that helps us to earn money.

So why can’t we teach to the online world?

Finding The Niche

In the past year, I have tried to write. I haven’t told to anyone but after a month I failed, everyone knows about it.

To help me, my friends advised me, some were great and some of them are shit.

The first one that I don’t like is choosing the niche which has the lowest competition.

For me, it sounds rubbish.

How can you write a topic which you probably don’t know, you don’t love, you have to spend more time which most of us don’t have.

So I never tried to find a niche that is less competitive and I am happy with what I did. 

Today, when I see all over the internet, each and every niche is exploding, writers who write better content on a specific topic are earning a lot and the prime reason for that is they love what they write, they know more about it.

So don’t be tense about the niche and write what you know, what you can teach.

Lack of Ideas Problem — Solve It

Well, you have to admit that Writing is not a scheme to become a millionaire overnight.

So now you have started your journey based on the way I suggested.

Now I am damn sure that you surely work to make money (money made from your full-time job or business rather than your writing side hustle). 

For that, you have to do work for 5 days a week, right? Ofcourse. So on the sixth or seventh day, try to write about what you have learned something new.

Some of you will ask me that Nitin, our profession is a little bit different. The answer is simple it doesn’t matter as long as you love the work you do.

Like if you play guitar, manage a business, etc. You can teach that to the online world.

Yes, I know I missed something, the student. What if you are a student? Not an issue.

If you are a student you are learning something. Write about that. And the problem for lack of ideas will be no more.

Set Aside The Game of Earning

When I was new to writing, I tried to create a blog, spend more than $100, 2–3 hours per day consistently for a month.

What happened next? It worked with no money in my pocket.

It demotivated me a lot. After that, I haven’t written a single article for 6 months.

Well, I stopped writing but not learning. I got to know that it takes time for Google to rank your new website.

So in the 7th month, I tried once again without trying to think about the money. And now it worked with $1,000 in my pocket after 3 months.

Feel the Love for Writing

People want to earn money but they don’t know what to do, they try numerous skillset. Some succeed, some fail and try a different one, and the others quit.

Writing is not a way to become a billionaire overnight, it is a feeling, it is an emotion, it is a way to teach others, it is a way to express ourselves.

So if you try to write about what you know, you will surely feel the love for writing.

That’s it–thanks.

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