Best Use of Money Is To Start a Business Out of It

Here we have articles related to Blockchain, Investing, but we haven’t focused on money so far.

So here is the article for that.

You have to work maybe for a lifetime, or several years. You have to spend your 20’s, 30’s even 40’s to accumulate as much money as possible.

You have to be a minimalist person to attain financial freedom.

And at the age of 60s, you have unlimited money to spend, unlimited time to enjoy but you can’t.

We all want to enjoy our life instead of that we are trying to earn money.

How boring it is.

Now let’s take another scenario.

Suppose at the age of 30, you have earned a million-dollar. You may invest, you may take a risk, you may buy a bitcoin, you may buy a land.

Every time you do something, you’re taxed, You’re taxed when you save even you’re taxed when you invest.

You will be not sure that you will win but you have to be sure that you have to pay taxes.

It is the truth of life.

So, How to Live Your Life

In my college, there was a senior guy who doesn’t use to attend lectures, don’t want to get good marks. 

Also, he left the placement. I was truly shocked by his mistake. 

5 months later, I got a call that he wants 8–10 employees for his business. Also, he wants me to work for his company with a good salary.

Since it was a remote job, I have agreed and then I got to know the real truth.

He was actually working hard and instead of investing his money he used to create a new business out of it.

But, how he can manage all of his business?

How to Manage Several Businesses 

So I want to know how he manages all his businesses and I got the answer.

He had actually more than 16 businesses and I didn’t even know more than his 4 businesses.

He told me that he use to hire people for his business to manage and pay them.

Like me.

Let me explain to you in brief. He had a consulting business at that time for that he appointed me. I had to manage all his work like instructing developers, solving technical issues, etc.

To manage his time more efficiently, he made a Trello board and update my work there. And every week, he used to call me to get to know about the work.

Similarly, he had a grocery shop where he hired a man. And every night he used to visit his shop to know about the work. 

Is Business Really Worth It

I worked for 3 months with him. 

During that time, I used to talk to him to get the business ideas, knowledge, etc.

At that time, I asked him, why only business when we have investment options like stocks, cryptos, etc.

He told me that he had invested some money into cryptos that’s it. And after that, he hadn’t tried to invest more into it.

But, why? I asked.

Simply because we had no control over it.

He asked me, where the money from the stock market goes?

I replied, to the companies.

Then what do they do with your money?

I replied, to grow their business.

Then he replied, so we are trying to provide our hard-earned money to grow their business. And if they succeed then we earn a little bit amount. If this is the case then why can’t we do our business with our money to earn.

He continued, yes, I have some money in cryptos because I think it will be the future. But I don’t depend on that.

His words changed my mindset towards the business. 

But Businesses Mostly Fails

When he told me, do you have any doubt?

I quickly replied, but most businesses fail.

He laughed at me and asked me, is your job safe? 


He continued, today there is nothing safe. And if you lost a job then you can’t do anything. You have to send your resumes to more than 100 companies, have to complete their annoying interview process, have to work for someone else.

And if you have a business and it is not growing, you have the full control to modify it, to work on it, to change it. 

And lastly, it is my asset that will help me to enjoy my life as I want.

I was completely shocked by his views and he literally changed my views about everything.

I find it really frustrating to do a 9 to 5 job. And literally, I don’t want to do it. So I went to learn more about it by working with professional experts. 

It is solely our opinion about it. If you like it then we have done our work else we will try next time.

So try to think about it — thanks.

And thanks to him.

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