4 Top Cryptocurrencies You Should Buy To Save Your Future From Inflation

Before proceeding further, I have to admit that I can’t call myself a crypto expert also I am not a full-time investor. 

But when I see my portfolio, I am always in profit. Here is the simplest trick, I follow to earn profit out of cryptocurrencies.

I have traded in most of the currency, and find out the best currency that will explode in the future.

Crypto is the future and most businesses are out of it. I think that crypto will change the world and so I have bought some of the best cryptocurrencies.

Here are my top 4 picks:

1. Bitcoin:

I call it the god of crypto. Well, initially I have heard about Bitcoin and later all the concepts like Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, etc.

When I was new to the crypto world, several top investors advised me to trade most of my money in Bitcoin.

Yes, Bitcoin has a lot of fluctuation, up and down, and then crashed 55%.

Now it has finished bottoming and going up again. This temporary crash also proves that it will fluctuate again but will never go to zero.

I have invested most of my money into Bitcoin and now it is your time to accumulate it.

2. Ethereum:

Today everyone knows about Bitcoin and most people believe to invest only in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is great but it has several limitations due to which several cryptocurrencies were made.

Yes, other cryptos can’t able to solve several problems but can get fame.

One of which is Ethereum. After Bitcoin, most of the peoples knows about Ethereum.

Here it doesn’t mean invest because of its popularity. Bitcoin dominated the world but Ethereum features like smart contracts help it to succeed. 

3. Cardano(ADA):

Well, no one can break the record of Bitcoin but Ethereum and Cardano can compete.

It is got a lot of hype in recent years and has become popular enough. Cardano will soon enable smart contracts which may increase its value.

If you are new to the crypto world and don’t have enough money to buy a single Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can try your luck by purchasing Cardano.

I don’t have a lot of Bitcoin and Ethereum but I have purchased a lot of Cardano. Its price is between $2- $3.

4. Dogecoin:

Some of you may call me naive when I will say you buy dogecoin. 

Also, I haven’t seen any benefits when compared with all of the above currencies.

But it gained huge popularity in recent months. Even Elon Musk also tweeted about it. And every time advertised about dogecoin.

So, solely based on the above factor, I have purchased some dogecoin.

Even you can purchase some. It is cheaper enough so you don’t have to spend all your investment on it.

Let’s Wrap Up:

There may be some other cryptocurrencies but I don’t about them, even I haven’t invested.

I love Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and Dogecoin and want to provide the easiest explanation about them.

Based on the market and current scenarios, each of these has huge power and probably most of them will explode in the upcoming years.

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